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Injury Specific Products

Injury Specific Products

In this section you will be able to find commonly used products used in commonly experiened pathologies such as plantar fascia (heel pain), tennis elbow and low back pain. You will find the most commonly used rehabilitation products prescribed by physios and other clinicians in the management of these problems. 

Before you try and manage any condition a proper diagnosis is imperative. So please see your health professional first if you are not sure what your diagnosis is before deciding if any rehabilitation product will be right for you. 

In each injury category you will find home treatment products, bracing options and products essential in your rehabilitation. Many of the ranges come with user instructions, however you may need to check with your health professional if you are unsure how to use any product.

The rehabilitation products you will find here have been picked by our physio's as the commonly prescribed ranges and options, but again, if you're unsure if it will be right for you, check with your health professional first.

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